Vola is a vibrational and volatile piece made for the human body as a survival tool or climate remedy. Moving through such an irreconcilable world as we inhabit, the scent can be a caring tool in struggling with the fears and the unbearableness of feeling the world change. As the title suggest, Vola (meaning: palm of the hand or sole of the foot) is a small molecule nectar that might bring closer attention to the invisible forces of organisms, plants and animals trying to cope and survive in our enmity with them. Migrating themselves directly into the limbic system of the human brain (hippocampus and amygdala that are rulers for emotions and feelings), these small volatile molecules are perhaps more powerful than what the eye sees. As such, Vola is an attempt to rinse our senses towards other ways of belongings and feeling kinship for the natural environment, but also functions as a boundless and subtle dismantler of the structures and narratives that we are placed within and which inevitably shape us.

Materials: Wood, botanical scent synergy, organic oils (coconut, castor, olive, jojoba, argan)

Vola is available for purchase for 130 DKK incl. shipping
– please send mail to sophie_filtenborg@hotmail.com for purchase